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Dr. Kevin Dawson explores a possible link between skin cancer or other health concerns and tattoos.  Dr. Dawson has been instrumental in helping the Cancer Center educate the public about skin cancer prevention.

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November 17th, 2011

Screening Results

Data Summary from Kaiser Permanante Screening

Data Report of Screening Events Supported by HDS (May 2010 - May 2013)

New FDA Sunscreen Rules Highlight Sun Danger
July 21st, 2011

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About Hawaii Skin Cancer Coalition

Health professionals in Hawaii have the opportunity to deliver one of the most powerful and effective cancer prevention messages to their clients - protect yourselves against skin cancer. For over ten years the mission of the Hawaii Skin Cancer Coalition has been to provide health professionals and the public with clear, concise information on the prevention, early detection, and effective treatment of skin cancer that is based upon current and accurate information. 

Towards this end the Hawaii Skin Cancer Coalition has developed many unique and innovative health education and research projects to promote sun protection in Hawaii. 

Since the first meeting in 1995 of the Hawaii Skin Cancer Coalition’s founding organizations, including the American Cancer Society, the Hawaii Department of Health, and the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service, the Coalition has worked towards making sun protection behavior common in Hawaii. 

During the past decade the coalition has grown into a group consisting of over 20 partner agencies, including the Hawaii Dermatological Society, the University of Hawaii Cancer Research Center, the Hawaii Lifeguard Association, Galderma Pharmaceuticals, St. Francis Hospital, Kuakini Health System, Hawaii Pathologists’ Laboratory, the Hawaii Ophthalmologic Society, the Hawaii Optometric Association, the Dermatology Nurses Association-Hawaii Chapter, the Hawaii Medical Service Association, Kaiser Permanente, and many private local businesses. All of these organizations share a common goal to help prevent skin cancer in Hawaii.

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